27th Annual Huntington’s Disease Triathlon

We are honored to be chosen once again as one of the two official 2018 USAT Club Regional Championship Races in the Florida Region, where your USAT Club team will compete against other USAT Florida Region Triathlon Clubs. This is your chance to claim the title as a Florida Regional Championship Club.

Club Teams with 20 or more participants can set up their own TEAM tent at race site. Contact hdtriathlon@gmail.com

CLUBS MUST BE REGISTERED WITH USAT IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE and all Club members must have an annual USAT membership in order to score points. If your club needs to renew with USAT, the Club Administrator must login under their membership, select my account, and then select club administration and follow the prompts. If you have questions on registering your Club or on the Florida Region Club Championship Races, contact rogermcveigh@bellsouth.net

View the USAT Florida Regional Website

The following three divisions shall apply to the Club Championship Series. (The determination of a Club’s division in the Regional Club Championship Races will be based on the number of active Club members with a valid USAT annual membership competing at the particular event/race.) Awards will be presented for the top two point scoring clubs in each Division at each race in the Club Championship Series. The Divisions are generally Division I, >20 athletes, Division II 11-20 athletes, Division III <11 athletes

The final determination of the number of divisions will be determined by the number of clubs and athletes participating.

Participants in both Sprint and Olympic Distance races, if applicable, will score points in the Club Championship Series. The point scoring for each distance will be the same as outlined under scoring below.

All registered USAT Florida Region clubs may compete in the Club Championship Series provided they are registered (or renewed) no later than one week prior to the respective date of the club championship series race. No points will be awarded to Clubs whose annual USAT Club registration has expired or whose athletes do not have a valid current USAT annual membership.

All Clubs must provide a roster of all eligible club members registered to participate in each Championship Series Race at least one week prior to the date of the race. Note that club members must have a valid USAT annual membership to earn points. This will be verified with USAT records. Please submit roster via email to USAT FL region club liaison Roger McVeigh at rogermcveigh@bellsouth.net. No further modifications to the roster will be allowed, unless approved in the sole discretion of the USA Triathlon Florida Region Club Program Committee. No points will be scored unless the Club Roster is provided on a timely basis.

A scoring club member MUST hold an annual USAT membership. Individuals can sign up for their USAT Annual membership at any time prior to the date of the race and be eligible to score points for their respective club

There will be two (2) categories of points awarded including Performance Points and Participation Points.

  1. PERFORMANCE POINTS - Participants will be ranked within their respective division (gender and age-group category) and performance points will be rewarded for all club members finishing within the top 3 of their particular division. Overall race winners that might be recognized by the event will also earn points for Club scoring purposes. Points will be awarded for any special categories such as Clydesdale, Athena, etc. Points will also be awarded to each relay team in this same manner. Points will be awarded in descending order from 1st – 3rd place according to the individual’s overall finish in the respective category. 1st Place – 10 2nd Place – 8 3rd Place – 6.

2. PARTICIPATION POINTS – All club members that finish the race, but do NOT place in the top 3 of their respective division shall receive three (3) PARTICIPATION POINTS. Relay teams not placing in the top 3 in their respective division will also receive 3 points per team,

The Club Championship Series competition shall be scored and awards presented on- site during the race awards ceremony. A minimum of two (2) USAT Florida Region representatives shall validate club competition results.


Scoring for club members competing in the above mentioned specialty divisions will conform to the scoring procedures outlined here and in accordance with the USAT standards for the relevant competitive category. This applies only if the event advertises and offers these specialty categories.

Relay teams are eligible for club competition scoring.

The Club with the most finishers will decide a scoring tie. This tiebreaker procedure shall apply to ties within club divisions.

The ONLY issues that may be protested are the eligibility of a Club or an athlete or the eligibility of an athlete to be in a particular division or the eligibility of the equipment used by an athlete. The Head Referee is responsible for convening and chairing the protest committee. All protests must be filed in writing and submitted to the Head Referee within sixty (60) minutes after the person filing the protest has completed the event. The summary dismissal of a protest by the Head Referee or the decision of a Protest Committee shall be final, and official race results shall reflect those determinations.

A club may appeal the eligibility of a club and/or athlete to compete at the Club Championship Series Race to the USAT Head Referee assigned to the competition within 60 minutes of the race completion. The USAT Head Referee may elect to convene a review committee consisting of her/himself, the race director, race timer, and a USAT Florida Region Club representative. The decision of the USAT Head Referee or committee shall be final.